Free Day Planner!

How To Manage Your Time (With A Free Planner)

I have spent about 2 to 2 and a half weeks designing this file for you.

Link to download file at the bottom.

Personally, I know one of my main issues is time management and discipline. If you are like me and wish you knew how you could become better managing your time, and thus your discipline, then you’re going to love this!

How to use the Day & Week Planner

Open the file, head over to the macromicrodata tab. Replace the placeholders and examples with what you fill your time with. There are four main categories, these are:

  1. Work
  2. Self Improvement
  3. Entertainment
  4. Miscellanious

There are a lot of placeholders and examples so don’t feel as if you need to replace every single one with something. Any left over placeholders and examples, simply delete those/clear the cells.

Once you have these populated, from the Monday tab through to the Sunday Tab, organize the macro to set up your day based on what will be work, what will be dedicated to self improvement, entertainment and miscellanious.

These are set up to have a dropdown list of options filled with what you put in the macromicrodata tab, so make sure to finish filling in that tab before you start organizing the day tabs.

After you have these completed, you can pick the micro respectively to what the macros are. In english, that means if you have 3 different things you consider work, you can set up which parts of the day will be dedicated to work, and then specifically what kind of work. This works for all of the macro choices.

The Benefits Of This File For You!

As you populate the days, each day has a respective Macro and Micro Breakdown pie chart for what you spend your day doing.

This allows you to see exactly how much of your day you spend working, improving yourself, miscellaneous and entertainment.

Once you have all the days for the week planned, you can head over to the Weekly Schedule tab. This tab extracts the data from all the days creating charts showing you how many hours and exactly how much of your week is spent on everything

It even displays it as a percentage!

I believe this is going to help me become a lot more productive without sacrificing my sanity Рall while organizing my time.

This will make whoever uses it much more efficient as a person. Regardless of what your goals are and what you want to do.

Enough Chit-Chat. Download the file below!

Day & Week Planner

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