Do You Want More From Life?

Have You Thought To Yourself .. There Has To Be More?

Maybe you’re like me. You’re a college/university student that’s constantly busy either working or trying to meet deadlines.

A normal day for you begins with a plate of stress and cup of coffee … or two.

You Work A Minimum Wage Job That Barely Gets You By.

Some, or if you’re lucky, most of the people you work with are pretty cool. The I’d grab a drink with you and kick it kind of pretty cool.

But the work is monotonous. You feel the life draining and brain decaying from you every shift. Drifting in and out of consciousness as you perform tasks that are completely void of purpose to you.

But that’s if you’re lucky. Then there’s us.

The ones that work in retail.

It is here where people get to let out their anger. This is where people go to relieve stress by yelling at workers (who are usually students or the elderly) who have literally no control over the stores policies.

And of course when they ask to speak to a manager, they get their way and you’re left looking stupid.

How dare you try and perform your job just to get your way through school.

You Want To Be Fit and Strong, Not Sure Where To Start.

You’ve spent years looking online at “30 pounds of muscle in 30 days” or “Shred 50 pounds in 3 weeks with this special tea from the mountains of blah blah blah”.

Following workout plans that aren’t structured for YOU and are designed either for the general population looking to be generally healthier, or steroid users who will benefit a lot more.

Here you are now. Not Stronger, the same, if not higher body fat percentage, but just a few years older.

You Feel Lost.

You’re angry, and you don’t mean to but it takes over your life. Feeling bitter and sad.

Everything builds up and stresses you out.

You Don’t know where to go, or what to do, you only know one thing.

You Want More.

Well I have good news for you, lad. You’ve come to the right site.

On this site you’ll find out the raw, unbiased, unfiltered truths.

I cover stuff that teaches you the three most important things in my personal life:

The Strong Stuff, The Healthy Stuff, And most importantly, The Life Stuff.

I’m Glad You’ve Made It To My Site.

Get ready to find that “more” that you’ve been looking for.

I got ya, Bud.

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